Q. I have a multi-fuel stove and an open fire. What would you recommend I use?

A. Smokeless Fuel along with Fuelsell or Firepower Logs are ideal for multi-fuel stoves and open fires. Smokeless Fuel is a source of high heat with low ash deposit.

Q. I’m looking for a smokeless fuel which is suitable for open fires and multi-fuel stoves?

A. We would recommend Newflame briquettes or anthracite ovoids for high heat and long burning characteristics.

Q. I require a smokeless fuel for a room heater and a cooker. Can you suggest something?

A. You need long-lasting Newflame briquettes which are easy to control.

Q. Can you help? I have a non-gravity feed boiler and wondered which fuel to use in a smokeless area?

A. We would recommend either Newflame briquettes or anthracite ovoids.

Q. What will I require to fuel a gravity-fed boiler in a smokeless area?

A. There are two possibilities – anthracite grains and anthracite beans.

Q. We have installed a multi-fuel stove in our lounge. Are your logs suitable to burn on it?

A. Yes, multi-fuel stoves burn logs and smokeless fuels. They are ideal.

Q. What is the procedure for lighting a fire?

A. When lighting a real fire you should follow these simple instructions:-

  1. Clean the grate of ash, empty the ashpan and cover the bars with a layer of fuel.
  2. Place one or two firelighters on the bed of fuel and then more fuel on top.
  3. Open the ashpit door and apply a match to the firelighters.
  4. Once the fire is established, add more fuel and adjust the ashpit door.
  5. Control to achieve the required burning rate.
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