At Fuelsell we pride ourselves in offering our customers a wide selection of Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs, and all at affordable prices. One of the benefits of buying hardwood logs is they are a cleaner, insect free firewood, giving you more for your money compared to seasoned logs. All of the logs are kiln dried in our bio-mass boilers to reduce the moisture content to way below 20% so they provide the ultimate burn with maximum heat output.

Each kiln dried log achieves the same output a 3 normal seasoned logs and they burn everything, even the gasses released allowing a cleaner, crisper burn. With No additional drying time required kiln dried logs can be stored anywhere, indoors or out! Our selection of logs, loose and pre-packed are ideal for open fires and wood burning stoves.

All of Fuelsell's products are Woodsure plus certified so you can rest assured you are purchasing environmentally friendly products.

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Grown in Britain